Customer Dedication

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘the customer is always right’? This is one of the mottos that each and every technician at Tyre Shopper works by. As a customer, your goal is to get the best services at the cheapest prices possible. You want a service provider and supplier who will take time to cater to all your needs and keep you satisfied with what you get. You want value for your money. At Tyre Shopper, we are keen to keep all this in mind as we continue to work towards complete consumer satisfaction.

On the Tyre Shopper website, you will find all sorts of useful information on the various tyres available to you. We ensure that we do our research on the products that we specialize in offering. Tyre Shopper will not exploit you by advising you to replace your tyres each time you experience a problem. Instead, they will strive to give you useful advice on the circumstances under which to get new tyres and when to simply spend on repairing your punctured tyres. You can also get information on wear and tear of tyres, how deep the law requires the treads on your tyres to be, guides for labeling your tyres, winter and summer tyres; and tips on what to look out for when shopping for tyres among others. This way, Tyre Shopper ensures that all its consumers are well informed.

Tyre Shopper also performs a regular price comparison for you. We dedicate some time on a daily basis to manually seek out prices of different brands of tyres offered by other alternative online tyre entities. These prices are then posted on a special page to ensure that our customers are able to view them. This way, Tyre Shopper is able to guarantee you the lowest price of car tyres the market has to offer.

To add onto all this, Tyre Shopper will not only send you details about the fitter near you or the mobile tyre technician who can come to you but we will also send you telephone contacts and a map. This will make it much easier for you as the customer to get your tyres fitted. As you can see, we at Tyre Shopper are dedicated to pure customer satisfaction.

History of the Bouncy Castle

Have you always thought that a bouncy castle was a lot of fun? Have you asked yourself or someone else, where did bouncy castles come from? If you have then today you will be finding out the answer to this life-long question. Bouncy castles are amazing and here you will find the history of the bouncy castles.

It is controversial as the where these inflatable castles originated from: United States or England. In 1959 John Scurlock out of Louisiana created an inflatable tennis court cover. The employees then began to jump on these covers bringing the idea that they originated out of the United States. However, in 1961 in England some students of a University designed a castle that was inflatable for a fundraising event hence the thought that the bouncy castle originated from England.

The first inflatable that was specifically created as one, happened in 1967. This was called the Space Pillow and was formed from a top mattress that was open on all sides. A top that was pressurized and inflatable was put on the top of the mattress. Over the years many things have been added to the bouncy castle to make them safer and more fun. Nowadays, there are many different types of bouncy castles with many shapes and pieces added on to them. They are no longer just a flat inflatable mattress but they are an entire inflatable house (castle) with sides, slides, tunnels and much more. Some of these bouncy houses even have tops on them as well.

If you are interested in getting a bouncy castle hire Rochdale Go Bouncy Inflatable and Garden Games. These bouncy houses are among the best and you can find all sorts of different types for both children and adults. If you are looking to add some history into the next party that you are going to throw, no matter if that party is a birthday party or a carnival, bouncy castles are the way to go. If you choose your next bouncy castle hire Manchester Go Bouncy to rent it. This will be sure to make your party a blast!

Tips for Buying the Best Screwdriver Set

Are you looking for the best screwdriver set for yourself? Or are you looking to gift a set to someone? Whatever bet your purpose, screwdriver sets are probably the most important set of tools anyone owns and thus should be purchased with care and consideration.

Whether you are looking online or at your local hardware store, you are sure to be flooded with options galore. While choice is generally a good thing, an abundance of it can become problematic.

If you are not sure how you should choose the most suitable screwdriver set and are confused by the options and the jargon, you have come to the right place. In this article we shall tell you all that you need to know about choosing the right screwdriver set, whether for yourself or for a loved one. So let us get going.

Tips for choosing the perfect screwdriver set

There are many things that should be considered before you pick the screwdriver you want to buy, but these are the most important things that must be considered by you.

  • Corded or cordless –

This should be the first question you should ask yourself. Generally, cordless screwdriver sets of are more popular as they are more versatile and easy to use than the corded models. However, the best cordless screwdriver will cost much more than a corded one. The decision you have to make is if you are willing to pay extra for the convenience, portability, and versatility.

  • Quality of the handle and the tip –

These are the two most critical parts of a screwdriver and the ones you should be most concerned about. Make sure that both of them are of a high quality so that your new screwdriver does the job well and doesn’t breakdown in a few weeks or even months.

  • Check the bit set –

With any screwdriver, you’ll get a set of bits for different types of jobs around the house. Make sure that you get a comprehensive set of bits. It is, of course, impossible to judge each and every bit you’ll need in the future but getting a big enough collection should cover you for most of your repair work.

These basic tips should be enough for you to choose the perfect electric screwdriver set there available on the online portal.

Looking for the perfect Quran Explorer

We have lots of opportunities if we want to recite the Quran, read or learn the Noble Quran. Scientific discovery has given us so many wonders and in the field in Quranic study we see good number of innovations. We see there are a number of recite software, Quran Explorer software, Tafseer and more. All these will really help us if we want to read or learn the Quran.

In the past, people traveled a lot to scholars to lean the Quran properly. To understand the Quran, many boys had to sacrifice family, wealth and sometimes comforts. But things have changed now. If a person wants to learn about Islam and Quran then he or she does not need to travel so far. A computer and an internet connection will be sufficient. Although for justification, correction and problem the person should visit physically to some expert.

There are huge numbers of resources in the internet today that will definitely help people.

Here is a list of software and online references on Quranic study which are available for both online and offline use:


  • The Noble Quran
  • Bukhari, Muslim, Malik, and Dawud Hadith Collection
  • Prayers Gadget
  • Athan (Azan) Basic
  • Quran Auto Reciter
  • Quran with Tafseer
  • Juz30
  • Khalid Bin Waleed: The Sword of Allah
  • Quran CD/MP3 Maker


  • iQuran Lite
  • Quran Android
  • i-Quran
  • Islam: The Quran
  • Quran Collection Lite
  • Al-Quran Reader (Free)
  • Al Quran (Eng) + Audio Full
  • Quran
  • Quran Duas
  • Quran Verse of the Day
  • Understand Quran
  • Quran With English Translation
  • Al Quran Short Surahs
  • 40 Rabbanas (duaas of Quran)
  • Juz Amma (Suras of Quran)


Quran Explorer

The Noble Qur’an

Read Quran in Uthmani Script Online

Make your bed stand out!

Who doesn’t love to dream? A daydream, a sweet dream or a nightmare- nothing can be felt better without the comfort of a bed. We forget everything- every tiredness when our body indulge in the bed.

We love to use our bed not just to sleep, but to read books, use laptops, to talk over phone and what not? But we hate to make our beds- this is the most the common thing people avoid in the morning. Here you will know how to make your bed stand out using just two things!

Use nicely fitted sheets

Use fitted sheets which hugs your mattress perfectly.

Fitted sheets are nothing but bed sheets with elastics on the edges. Those elastics helps the sheet stick to the mattress. Thus the sheet helps your bed look tidy even after waking up in the morning.

Fitted sheets can be made at home but it’s better to purchase from outside as readymade fitted sheets hold on to your mattress more perfectly. These sheets are a must for restless sleepers because these never sleep off the mattress as normal sheets do.

Again, these sheets are very useful when they get old. As these are pretty much big in size, you can make so many stuffs like pillow covers, maxi dresses and even make cover for table top ironing board. So you don’t need to worry much about changing fitted sheets because old ones are easily recyclable.

Use exquisite Valance sheets

Valance sheets are the perfect combo of fitted sheets and bed valances. These are easily manageable and the fabrics used in these are perfect for machine wash. This type of sheets give an elegant look to the bedroom.

In most of the cases, we want to avoid surprise guests just because of the lack in tidiness of our beds. Life is too short to spend hours making beds of your house. But a valance sheet does the job for you.

It keeps the sheet in place giving a tidy look to the bed. And the valance of the sheet helps hiding awkward looking bed legs and stuffs kept under the bed. Thus your bedroom gets a fuller look with help of these sheets.

So using these sheets, you won’t need to make your beds now and then. Even in the morning, you will find your bed as exquisite as royal ones. So leave your worries behind and call your friends home whenever you want.

Tyre Reviews

Before purchasing any type of tyres, it is crucial to look for tyre reviews. A huge number of websites showing tyre reviews have sprang up. One of the best website for getting genuine reviews are Tyre Reviews.

Tyre reviews cover up reviews of more than 1000 tyres. They have combined those  tyre reviews with sixty expert tyre tests. So it is obvious that the reviews are unique and genuine. The goal of this website- Tyre reviews is to provide drivers with accurate feedback of different types of tyres reviewed by experts who know the ins and outs of tyres.

Tyre Reviews: Benefits

Tyre reviews enable people to browse by four different categories- by car model, by size of the tyre, by type of the tyre and by tyre manufacturer. This unique and easy to go filtering system is so comfortable for drivers looking for tyre reviews.

Tyre reviews not only provides drivers with reviews of tyres, but also allows to discuss about tyres and even reviewing their own tyres. Giving own tyre review allows the reviewer to score the tyre features between 1 to 10. The features include dry grip, wet grip, road feedback, progressiveness, wear, comfort, buy again. Reviewer has to rate these features and then can also write down his opinion.

Tyre Reviews: Other features  

In tyre discussion, Tyre reviews allows one can talk with tyre experts, ask them questions and erase all the confusion and misconceptions. Discussion also allows drivers for General Tyre Talk (GTT) under which one can choose premium tyre talks which is basically the discussion about 6 big brands of tyres- Bridgestone, Goodyear,

Continental, Pirelli, Michelin and Dunlop. GTT also allows for mid range tyre talks which is basically about mid ranged tyre manufacturers, their products, and pros and cons of the products. A full list of mid range tyre manufacturer is given in the website so that you can decide under which range your desired tyre falls and then you can take part at the right discussion.

The last discussion offered by GTT is budget tyre talk where a complete list is given about budget tyres and one can easily pick a manufacturer up and take part in the discussion to spill the beans about budget tyres. Discussion also has a board where people simply talk about cars- regardless of tyres.

Tyre reviews provides drivers with a massive number of articles about different tyres, their performance etc. it is really prudent to go through reviews before purchasing a tyre as one can have the impartial feedback from experts on whether the tyre is worth buying or not.

Wholesale Embroidered Towels for Your Business

Wholesale embroidered towels can help grow your business fast. One effective way to make a company appear more professional is to advertise it using a design, material, or the format that stands out among the usual. One innovative idea is to use embroidered towels. Customized embroidery involves the use of thread. You can find a wide verity of wholesale embroidered towels at the best online stores.

Customized embroidery has been the preferred form of ornament for many years. In this age when making a statement is an effective way to advertise, customized embroidery comes in very handy. It can be affixed to the company’s brand to stand out among the competitors. It also lasts longer than other materials.

Adding wholesale embroidered towels to the company’s uniform is also a great way in promoting the company’s brand. It is one way of not just keeping up with the competitors in the market, but also of standing out and being prominent in advertising products and services.

Some companies use wholesale embroidered towels to boost familiarity among shoppers. These embroidered goods serve as a tool to spread the brand’s credibility to customers who see the design. Making use of wholesale embroidered towels may impress upon the public how large and creative the company is. Often, consumers recognize the logo more than the company’s name. Along with the benefits that companies get from using customized embroidery is it is very affordable and easy to obtain.

Some conceptualizing is needed to create a brand that best connects the service or product to the customer. The provider of this service may give you advice and ideas on branding for free, as they are usually part of the package.

When a company aims to reach target sales in spreading its reputation, one way to achieve this is to make use of this innovative idea. What is more, using wholesale embroidered towels is also effective for your online business. It is an excellent representation of your brand in the virtual world.

In addition, customized embroidery is certainly a fun way of advertising. However, you may need to use your creativity in order to come up with the best design. An excellent way to build a reputation of your business to keep your business rolling is using wholesale embroidered towels.

All of you need to find the best place offering such a product. You need to consider choosing a trustworthy store offer quality wholesale embroidered towels. You will be able to save you money when buying on discounts.

How to Find the Best Cheap Tyres?

Every individual has the dream to have a nice car and with a nice car comes the responsibility of maintaining the car. You have to make sure that it provides cutting edge performance so that you can get the most for your money. The tyres of a car are important elements of function and security of a vehicle. Also, car tyres are the most difficult aspects to maintain. Purchasing new car tyres can be a tiresome process if the buyer is no aware of what qualities to look for in car tyres and what price to pay.

The very first step when purchasing new tyres is to understand when the tyres need to be replaced. The best way to do this is by carrying out the penny test. You will need to insert a penny in the tread of a tyre to see if the tread is deep enough. If not, then you will have to replace your car tyres with new ones. Irregular surface wearing is also a sign that the tyres need to be replaced.

The next step is to create a balance between quality and price. Both elements can be achieved if you have a sound budget. Cheap tyres and quality can be obtained if you search long and hard. The tyres should be checked for performance, safety, and should suit your car. Before you actually purchase the tyres you should ask around for help to understand which tyres would be best to buy.

Cheap car tyres are available in the market, but they will need to be replaced quite often. This is why you need to make an investment in the right tyres the first time around. Many people find cheap tyres online, but they are not what they seem. This is why you should check them out completely before you actually make your final decision.

Once you purchase the cheap tyres, the fittings should be carried by a professional at a garage. The garage should be equipped with the proper equipment so that there is no damage to the new cheap tyres and so that you can avoid any problems on the road.

Factors to Consider When Buying Cheap Towels

Cheap towels are important in your life. This is because they are the first things you meet after you have had a shower. Therefore, having a bad and scratching towel can mark the beginning of a bad day. To ensure that you buy only high quality cheap towels, here are factors you should consider.

Materials of Cheap Towels

The material of the towel you buy is very important. The best material for towel is cotton. When buying one, ensure that you buy such a product that is 100% combed cotton. Cotton absorbs plenty of water. The combed cotton is usually stronger since short and uneven threads are removed during combing. 

Make sure you find exceptional material within the duvet covers you select for the duvets to your bed

Weight of the Cheap Towels

This is another important factor to consider. When buying a towel always ensure that you buy one made of heavy material. This is because a heavy towel usually absorbs more water than a lighter one. Although, you should always buy a heavy towel, you should make sure that it is soft. Before buying, make sure that it is not thin and scratchy. A thin and scratchy one will not only make you uncomfortable, but it also wears out quickly.

Color of the Cheap Towels

To ensure that you are satisfied with your towel purchase, ensure that you buy one that has your favorite color. Also, ensure that it matches the color of your bathroom. Many people have bathrooms themes. Common bathroom themes are nautical, dolphins, and sand castles. If you have a theme for your bathroom, you should ensure that the towel matches the theme. For example, if your bathroom has a dolphin theme, you can buy a blue or white towel. If you are buying it to use at the beach, ensure that it contains your favorite slogans, pictures, and characters.

Size of the Cheap Towels

While making your purchase, make sure the size of towel you want. The size of the towel you purchase solely relies on the activities you undertake in the bathroom. The choice also relies on your body size. If you like to wrap yourself before you get dressed, you most definitely need a large towel. On the other hand, if you dry yourself fast then get dressed immediately, a large one will not be of use to you; a smaller one is perfect for your needs. If you have a small physique, you need to buy a smaller towel as compared to someone who is huge.

In conclusion, while making your purchase, ensure that you shop around. This way, you will find many places where you can find quality ones at different prices. Shopping around also allows you to find cheap towels from different manufacturers.

As a rule of thumb, always buy high quality cheap towels at the list price. Also, ensure that the towel you buy matches with your character and bathroom theme. You would not like to get a bad color combination. Although many online or offline stores offering those items at cheaper prices, but most of them are not selling quality items. Therefore, do your own research and find the right place online to buy only high quality cheap towels that will last longer.

Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept

Volkswagen had launched its CrossBlue SUV concept earlier this year. It offers an insight into the future Tiguan’s enhanced character and superior tech features, aimed at appealing the next-gen of car buyers.


The CrossBlue SUV Concept

How much can you tell about the drive performance of a production car by taking a little ride in the concept? Not much. However, apparently VW’s CrossBlue concept establishes MQB platform’s flexibility and economies of scale beyond doubt.

While initially VW did not plan to introduce this SUV to Europe, now it seemingly has. The company offered a chance to test-drive the concept and take a peek into what can be expected from the final version, due in 2016.

The CrossBlue SUV concept has been developed to demonstrate MQB’s extreme-most dimensions. Its length, width and height are 4.987m, 2.015m and 1.733m in that order. It’s larger than Touareg; however, the production car will be smaller than the same.

The largeness of the concept and its good looks kind of give a tip-off about its strapping personality. Also, its gamut of technical nitty-gritty is quite likely to command attention of the young generation of drivers.

Engine and Transmission

The bonnet houses the same 2.0l TDI used in the latest Golf GTD, and the same DSG gear apparatus. There’s a 40kW electric motor supplementing the powertrain. Another 85kW motor, derived from E-Golf, is fitted on the rear axle. The entire arrangement results in a four-wheel-drive, without a propshaft though. Instead, the transmission tunnel gets Li-ion batteries, again borrowed from the E-Golf.

The concept, so far, despite being driveable, is far from being production ready at its speed limited to 20mph. VW offers great visibility from the driver’s seat, enabling easy manoeuvrability of this huge vehicle.

The driver can use touch buttons beneath air-con controls to select various modes. This car stays in EV mode almost all the time; VW claims an all-electric range of 21 miles and that the turbodiesel engine can recharge the battery in around 15 minutes when it drains out.

Interior Design and Styling

The cabin is a huge leap forward from the company’s current SUV range. If VW can replicate its quality in the final version, it will definitely turn out to be class-leading. CrossBlue concept’s TFT equipments and latest gear selector are expected to make it to the production car.

The interiors offer ample space with six seats; a 360l boot despite the third row in situ. Sharan-sourced classy seats are a glimpse of what can be expected from production version.

The design and styling is quite in line with European tastes. The chunky roof rails, door mirror finishers and vents on the bonnet are nicely done with their matt aluminium finish. The concept’s exterior appearance is a clue to the looks of the next-gen VW SUVs. The lengthy wheelbase, bluff nose and the munificent rear overhand make it classily proportioned.

The 2016 model will be approximately priced at £30,000. Buyers can opt between front and all-wheel drive, and five and seven-seat models.